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Ultragrade 70 - 205 Liter

Edwards Vacuum Ultragrade 70 Oil Size: 205 liter Part No. H11028010 Edwards offers a range of new oils, ULTRAGRADE™ Performanc... Read more
Prt No. H11028010
1 Liter
205 Liter
4 Liter
Ultragrade 19
Ultragrade 70

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Edwards Vacuum Ultragrade 70 Oil Size: 205 liter Part No. H11028010 Edwards offers a range of new oils, ULTRAGRADE™ Performance 15, 19, 20 and 70, which result from a new process. Most manufacturers use a solvent refining process, whereas these oils are produced by a unique hydrotreating process. This process eliminates nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen and the aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base stock essentially free of impurities. When combined with additives, the ULTRAGRADE™ Performance oils give improved vacuum performance, thermal and oxidation stability and rust inhibition. The anti-oxidants included in the oils enable the pump to withstand high operating temperatures without oil degradation, so extending intervals between oil changes. The properties of the oils allow them to be used in a wide range of applications. New ULTRAGRADE™ Performance oils are the best choice for large pumps used in heavy-duty, cycling applications. Contact Edwards or your local supplier for de... Read more

Technical specification

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Customer Rating-----Customer Rating
Sold ByEdwardsEdwardsEdwardsEdwardsEdwardsSold By
Auto ignition point °C--355355355Auto ignition point °C
Corrosive Resistant--NoNoNoCorrosive Resistant
Flash point °C--230230230Flash point °C
Handling Days-14---Handling Days
Lubrication TypeWetWetWetWetWetLubrication Type
Molecular weight--420420420Molecular weight
Oil Size205 Liter205 Liter4 Liter4 Liter1 LiterOil Size
Pour point °C---16-16-16Pour point °C
Product ConditionNewNewNewNewNewProduct Condition
Product Life Cycle StatusActiveActiveActiveActiveActiveProduct Life Cycle Status
Prt No.H11028010 ✔H11025010H11028013H11025013H11025015Prt No.
Specific gravity at 15°C--0.860.860.86Specific gravity at 15°C
Sulphur content % mass/mass--000Sulphur content % mass/mass
Technology TypeRotary VaneRotary VaneRotary VaneRotary VaneRotary VaneTechnology Type
Vacuum Range--Medium Vacuum (1 - 10-3 mbar)Medium Vacuum (1 - 10-3 mbar)Medium Vacuum (1 - 10-3 mbar)Vacuum Range
Weight lb--772Weight lb
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